ENTER = Start from menu, skip cutscene
A / LEFT ARROW = Walk left
D / RIGHT ARROW = Walk right
W / UP ARROW = Jump
D / DOWN ARROW = Crouch
SPACE = Main attack (chain whip)
Z = Handlebar attack (once picked up)
X = Wheel attack (once picked up)
M = Mute
P = Pause
+/- = Adjust volume

GAMEPAD is supported


1 = level 1
2 = level 2
3 = level 3
type: w-h-e-e-l = give wheel weapon
type: h-a-n-d-l-e = give handlebar weapon

Developed May 10 - July 26, 2020

Project lead, main player animations, level layouts (1 - 3), game and level design direction and execution, camera tweaks, enemy biker animations, alien guard idle animation, core tile set - master spritesheet (bar / highway / area 51), low-res HTGD logo, initial sound effects (incl. pause and unpause / growl and taunt, laser sound effects, explosions and glass breaking), menu border tiles, font variations, collision box authoring, ducking code, item sprites, weapons (chain whip / wheel / handlebar), additional FSM transitions, assorted bug fixes, alien incubators, UFO spritesheet, player climbing and death animations, bar exterior art, enemy placement, enemy wall boss, score hookups, boss design: Jeff "Axphin" Hanlon

Project co-lead, base prototype, collision detection and responst system, tiled editor integration, menu system, UI code, font implementation, enemy (8 enemies) code, canvas scaling, camera movement and deadzone code, player movement, many bug fixes, parallax foreground and background layers, animation system, debug mode, credits display, audio implementation, volume change, stairs movement, multiple player states, level skip and powerup debug feature, optimizations, flying fist art and animation, enemy spit and bullet code, cutscene design and integration, win screen, jukebox functionality: H Trayford

Animations (player falling / thumbs up / idle, walking / and transitions), player FSM implementation, light wood tiles, assorted movement bug fixes, biker enemies animations (attack / walk / swig and spit), credits screen exit functionality: Gonzalo Delgado

Tiles (motorcycle / trash can / moon / stars), enemy mech boss design and animation, background music code fix, title screen sprites (incl. ufo), trash can placement, WASD support, gamepad and mobile touch support, alien mech sprite animations, alien mech code and placement, highway scroll smoothing: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

3 Music tracks (main menu / Level 2 / Level 3), music bug fix: Michael "Misha" Fewkes

Level 1 music: Alan Zaring

3 Enemy animations (flyer/crawler/chunky) and related code: Trenton Pegeas

Animation speed tweaks, sounds (player hurt and enemy damage), extra life pickup: Vaan Hope Khani

Mute audio with M key, player jump sound effect: Martina Natale

Level 1 tiles and props (pool table and several shelves): I-wei Chen

Cheat code system: Muhammed "EyeForcz" Durmusoglu

Practice commit: Michael Richards

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Nice work!  Definitely that Gameboy vibe.

Great work! Xeno Jackers is a ton of fun to play and feels super polished.