Developed Oct 11 - Dec 6, 2020

Gonzalo Delgado: Project lead, core gameplay, enemy AI & pathfinding, sound code, sounds, waves, broom attack animation integration, lawnmower boss (art and code), pickups, washing machine art and animation, book enemy sprites, lawnmower flame animation, gardening shovel enemy, different gun support, gun spread, ammo limit, gun items, level skip cheat, game reset, rolling credits support, game over scene, death poof

Tylor Allison: Room design and tile art (yard, kitchen, living room, laundry room), level grid implementation, tile layering, subtile support, animated tile support, fridge boss animations and taunts, ice cube animation integration, teapot animation, title screen and related transitions

Andrew Mushel: Player and shot velocity fixes, lifebar, lives display, dash ability gamepad support, player animation refactor, broom walk and attack animations

Bilal A. Cheema: Fridge boss ice cube attacks, fridge attack animation, level 3, TV boss animation and integration

Rutger McKenna: Menu icons (potion, pentagram, crystal ball, cauldron, necronomicon)

Grygoriy Kulesko: Book enemy animation integration, pause feature including overlay and recovery time

Ashleigh M.: Witch llama concept draft

Antonio Malafronte: Mute functionality

H Trayford: Placeholder description of keyboard controls

Chris DeLeon: Compiled credits

Wesley Stagg: Practice commit (welcome to HomeTeam!)

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