Developed June 12-Oct 16, 2022

Project lead, core gameplay, custom level editor and related UI/format, level design, hitbox collision system, enemy behaviors, assorted bug fixes, general asset integration, title screen, level timer, level names setup: Gonzalo Delgado

Sprite art (donut variants with animations, printer enemy, graves, bushes, rocks, lantern, expresso gangster, toaster bat), visual effects, game over and game win scenes, destroyable props, pickups, item drop, scoring, animation system, boss fight, gun types: Vince McKeown

Player 1 sprite animation (move and shoot), level backgrounds (moon, mountain graveyard), art concepts (character, shot, run, llama side view): FightEXP

Sounds (gunfire and bomb variations, enemy defeated, explosions, printer shots, toaster bat, coffee cup, unicorn brain, player defeated, witch boss), player shot sprites: Patrick McKeown

Player dodge, parallax background, logo, player mode GUI, shot trails, shot alignment: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Player sprite walking animation, pause toggle: Chad Serrant

Player 2 sprite (front and side, cape removed): Liyi Zhang

Enemy shot sound effect: Abhishek @akhmin_ak

Credits wrap and scroll: H Trayford

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