Developed May 16 - Oct 10, 2021

Project lead, core gameplay, spawn system and related custom editor, crude underlying game engine (AABB collision, animation, graphics layers, entity management), lava dragon boss functionality, initial version of powerups, enemy AI, two player support, second player AI, ground waypoint patrols, stars/lava backgrounds (not including rocky crust), moon depth map (final), adjustable shot length code, additional integration and misc. bugfixing, background animation support (used for lava and space), volcano: Chris DeLeon

Level design (all stages), implementation for octopus boss and mega frog boss, level select stage art, powerup distribution authoring, level select hover effect, randomized player ghost colors, laser shot tuning, debug health cheat, level transitions after bosses, clearing of scene for boss fights, death counter for testing, shot visibility improvements, powerup decay timing, boss health bars, hit flash boss fixes, better player respawn, lava boss phase escalation: Michael Monty Tanner

Parallax background heightmap effect, real-time distortion ripples, retro cluster explosions, higher detail player sprite, Island stage background, wiggling tentacles, better enemy bullet graphic, player soft reset, spawner bug fix, webaudio compressor, procedural ground unit spawn (used for testing during development): Ryan Malm

Level music (Space, Lava), space level boss (art, design, and code), player speed powerup feature, smaller alien enemy, multi-stage boss support: Armando Navarrete

Logo, combo system, pixel font, scoreboard animation, high score storage and display, gamepad support, hit flash for enemies and bosses, rocky crust for lava level, destroyable buildings, ripple tint, speed trail, title clouds/background/details, powerup timer bars, support for non-server testing: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Level music (Island, Moon), score system, music integration, powerups cheat, level selection text improvement: Justin Davis

Player graphic tilt while dodging, bomb sight dynamic prediction, player temporary invulnerability flash and related functionality, early level select menu fixes, debug cheat key implementation, help menu bug fixes: Randy Tan Shaoxian

Octopus boss art, defensive ring feature plus related art, original boss spawn implementation: Sergio Ferrer

Moon stage background, alien drone, laser shot, sounds (shoot variations, splash, dive, croak), shadow clone powerup, original waves background test, midboss plane prototype (unused), moon depth map prototype, adjustable shot length art: Jeff "Axphin" Hanlon

Various enemy sprites (Dimo, Azmo), surface track editor improvements, frog tank / turret automatic selection: Vaan Hope Khani

Controls help menu, laser powerup collision improvements, initial title screen, original loading screen, text for level select, laser testing cheat: Stebs

Enemy health, spawning bugs fixed, ground culling fix, level switch issue repaired: Baris Koklu

Fire dragon head graphic, octopus boss laser source fixes, Firefox compatibility fix: Eddie Ward

Ground space frog, early moon and space level editing: Patrick McKeown

Powerup art (multishot, extra bomb, shadow clone), swooping Pineapple enemy: Ashleigh M.

Explosion bug fix, different depth map per state: Kyle Black

Flying enemy spark, frog tank sprite, level editor access to segment spawn width adjustment: Cam Newton

Player 2 controls, ground enemy fire, level debug skip functionality: H Trayford

Fire snake sprite: Rodrigo Bonzerr Lopez

Fire dragon head contrast improved: Gabriel Cornish

Alternative player 2 sprite: Jonathan Peterson

Intro story text: Abhishek @akhmin_ak

Initial sound functionality: Michael "Misha" Fewkes

Practice commit: Guillermo De Leon & Tim Chase 

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