Developed Nov 18, 2018 to Feb 17, 2019

Main concept and project co-lead, base functionality for prototype, John character, dialog system code and original format, inventory code, pixel doubling, panning camera, room loading, dialog mouth animations, animation code, level editor, store front art, multiple choice dialog feature, cutscene code, John and Rose dialog portraits, fade effect, Julie's store song: Kise

Project co-lead, city tile and building art, decorative detail tiles art, overworld and interiors level design, depth layer layout, doorway arch effect, story revision, bloom implementation, Tiled integration, drawing optimization code, assorted bugfixes, integrated end game art: Ryan Malm

Dialog editor (development authoring tool), tile and object culling render optimizations, character-to-character collisions, depth sorting implementation, enter/exit room functionality, Tiled integration, character integration (Rose, Julie, Uncle Dave, Agent Jen, Fusion, Cat Man, Cop, Detective Dan), event manager, bug fixes, conversation tweaks, obtainable and interactive item implementation, character motion fixes, NPC movement implementation, obtainable items improvements, accusation code, integration of Fusion alley dealer and Jen story gameplay events, additional NPC placement, dialog bug fix, Alex integration, mouth setup for Fusion/Alex/Jen, game end text: H Trayford

City background song, inventory items including motherboard and memory chip (early design), web audio implementation, code reorganization, car horns and other ambient city noise, volume mixing, song integration, additional bug fixes, inventory sounds, item pickup sound: Stebs

Character designer template, John directional animations, Rose directional animations, speed tuning, welcome sign, Dave sprite, cat portrait sprite, fusion character portrait, opening story, Alex portrait and sprite animations, cop portrait badge, touch ups to match sprites and portraits of Dan and Cop: Jeff "Axphin" Hanlon

Debug mode, pause, vehicle art, menu code, custom font selection, furniture art, mute functionality: Vaan Hope Khani

WASD and gamepad input, weather effects, agent portrait, animation bugfix, dust particles, diagonal wall sliding, collision optimizations, car movement, intro and endgame text scroller, talking text fade, tile gap fix: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Responsive CSS, level editor improvements, input code improvements, additional refactoring and cutscene code organization, cutscene timing tuning: Randy Tan Shaoxian

Wall collision code, cat character sprite, additional voxel drafts: Jaime Rivas

Agent sprite animations, Cop sprite animations, Cop portrait: Marc Silva

Dialog starts when near character, pause when clicked away, in-game labels implementation, help screen, debug text: Michelly Oliveira

End Scene/Credits roll song, Main Menu song, song played on winning the game, mechanical grinding sounds: Chris Markle

Julie portrait with emotion frames, Julie sprite animations: Charlene A.

Screen transition effects, main menu and game start music integration, cursor fixes: Trolzie

Inventory text wrap, inventory audio fix, browser sound compatibility improvements: Praneil Kamat

John's room/intro song, and Dave's House song: Klaim (A. Joël Lamotte)

City song played after the crime scene is visited: Cecilia Borges

Synthwave song, busy street sounds: Shaun Lindsley

Walking speed adjustments, text editing, help with internal QA testing: Kirvee

Collision debugging visualization, police portrait import: Terrence McDonnell

Item pickup notification: Jeremy Jackson

Street lamp, fixed dialog/collision related bug: Brian J. Boucher

Additional word wrap fixes: Rémy Lapointe

Title and ending voxel renders, compiled credits: Chris DeLeon

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I think that this has great potential. oh and can you make the city feel more alive like theres only one taxi that goes around and I can walk just as fast as it