Project lead, core gameplay, visual design, AI aim, debugging features, sounds, font selection, logo, credits screen improvements, assorted bug fixes: Ashleigh M.

Shot vector animation, score manager, menu system, 2-player mode, audio event system, draw refactor, input decoupling from main logic, touch and, gamepad controls, board collision improvements, debugging improvements, face off, improvements, canvas scale, AI fix: Andrew Mushel

Code organization, scoring, paddle/puck collision improvements, puck class: Vince McKeown

Wall collisions, game over state, credits screen: Allan Regush

Puck placement debugging / cheat feature: Catherine San Luis

Detailed playtesting and pre-release prioritization feedback: Andy King


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I really enjoy the color palette.  Even with the rigid shapes it somehow feels soft and inviting. 

Game controls very smooth.  Nice work!

I love that there is a zero player option, it's fun to just watch the AI duke it out! The simple aesthetic is really nice as well