Project co-lead, selection indicator, lobby scene, models (stair, sculptures), movement grid, core HUD functionality, turn management, player refactor, dynamic cursors, camera tracking, chat UI, lighting adjustments, movement grid improvements, weapons variations support, combat logic and related interface, damage indicator improvements, stats storage, dialog, AI waypoint code, menu and title system, interactable objects, particles for projectiles and explosions: Anthony Juarez

Human models with textures and animations (Henchman, punk boss, 3 StreetPunks, William, Dog), materials fixes, texture optimizations, menu UI override, movement rework, shot animation integration, FMOD loading fix, sound file optimizations, sounds and related FMOD integration (bar background noise, gunfire, footsteps, security camera, enemy alert, multishot, UI effects, alarm, pistol, wounded, door, sliding door sounds, keypad, explosion, mechanical sound), webGL audio fix, implemented music intensity change based on enemy awareness, AI item carrying, FMOD logo splash screen added, bartender avatar, light baking, assorted bug fixes, draw weapon animation, build testing: Carl Hughes

Level design (bar basement, first floor, warehouse), environment modelling (bar table, stool, pipes, security camera, credsticks, convergence table, chair, office desk, cubicle module, crates, monitor, simple+scifi doors, demotivational poster, potted plants, glass doors, pool table with balls, bunkbed, keg, lockers, sofas, coffee table, rug, barrel, slab, purple tables, computer desk, chainlink fence, racks, heavy machinegun, warehouse decorations, truck, trolley model, lamp, steel door), warehouse lighting, texture fixes, flooring textures: Marcel van Dijk

Skill stats logic, character creation interface and related code, hacking functionality, investigation support, accuracy adjustment for multishot, inventory system and related UI, inventory hotkeys UI scaling, keycard interactions, inventory tooltip feature: Brian Nielsen

Co-lead (original prototype, concept, and pitch), basic character movement and AI line-of-sight, initial character action functionality, mouse interaction and turn flow, fog of war support, early combat, FMOD integration, camera movement, cubicles, potted plants and door integration, AI alert state, mission completion, object highlighting support: Jeremy Kenyon

Holographic projector and scrolling shader, chatbox integration, material fixes, holographic matrix poster, wall trim model, environment prop colliders, lighting for bar & warehouse, title particles: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Humanoid animation, shadow and camera fixes, light and shader experiments for webGL, package integration fixes, light cone, decoration on title screen and character selection screen, low cover mesh, props for warehouse: Andy King

TV model and image strip playing functionality: Tyler Funk

Character UI art, chatbox UI art, inventory UI icon, UI action buttons, loading screen textbox: Ygor Dimas

Music at 3 intensity levels: Klaim (A. Joël Lamotte)

Menu music and FMOD hookups: Jaime Rivas

Win condition detection, shadow fixes for webGL, glow postprocessing tweaked to be more cyberpunk, gitignore patched for FMOD: Kornel

Pistol and shotgun models, muzzle flash: Trenton Pegeas

Donut model and integration, coffee cup, additional pause menu functionality: Vaan Hope Khani

Models for meeting table, keyboard, mouse: Charlene A.

Bar model with materials and related integration, FMOD button sound, playSound functionality improvements: Lucas Hausrath

Umbra shift movement feature, high top table and bar models: Jonathan Hopper

Font, UI icons for shot, grenade, medkit, and end turn: Bilal A. Cheema

Ash tray model: Caspar "SpadXIII" Dunant

Sounds for grenades and pickups, gitignore fix: Edgar Canelas

Interface naming convention and level loading improvements: Jose Contreras

Input manager improvements: David D'Agostino

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