Developed July 14-Aug 25, 2019

Project lead, core gameplay, casting animations, spell effects, spell menu functionality, sound integration, movement indicator functionality, dice implementation: Dominick Aiudi

Player avatar model and related materials/effects, title screen background effects, logo, dice model and material, wood shader normal map, book material, glass material retouching: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Spell icons, desktop models (book, pencil, glass), UI scrolling: Tyler Funk

Gameplay music: Alan Zaring

Main menu music: Jaime Rivas

Rock meshes and rock texturing: Erik Verlage

Multiple interaction bug fixes: Cole Andress

Particle texture for fireball: Klaim (A. Jo뮠Lamotte)

UI scaling: Brian Nielsen

Mouse over indicator when hovering over caster: Randy Tan Shaoxian

Main menu button added to spell screen: Osama "Dorgam" Alsalman

Background room skybox is by Jan Ainali under CCA license, see game credits for details.

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