Project lead, core gameplay, objectives system, AI, level design, main writing, story presentation, costume change mechanic, characters, line of sight and patrol logic, environment interactions, lockpick system, level transitions, additional environment and prop models (incl. office desks, jail beds, bar, office exterior), heartbeat sound, bug fixes, alarms, scoring system, tutorial, outline shader, interaction highlight, font selection and integration: Antti Lipsanen

Models (forklift, shipping container, chain link fence, van, garbage truck, fancy car, food truck, workbench, industrial machine, slot machine, crate), mute toggle: Michael Monty Tanner

Mouse movement, lose music, level manager persistence, initial player animation states, main menu functionality, scene loading improvement, pause feature: Fahad Muntaz

Minimap, door unlocked / camer hacked UI effect, environment UV lightmapping, models (bulletin board, lightswitch, wall outlet, picnic table, poster, doormat, assorted props), decoration placement: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Models (cubicle, cabinet, fax machine, tray, betamax rack, CCTV set, door, wall safe, street kiosk, luxury car), guard voices, wall materials, sounds (run, safe, shuffling), main menu background scene, button style, doors vanish when opened: Chris DeLeon

Audio (door lock, security cameras, walkie talkie beep, additional walkie talkie voice, mission 1 story initial draft): Rodrigo Bonzerr Lopez

Models (office chair, security camera, 2 poker table styles, craps table): H Trayford

Streamlined internal scene testing process, set up player action interactables list: Sabir Foux

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cool game, although their are a few problems, first off you can clip through walls by walking into them, making the game much easier, The gaurds are also kinda wierd, they will chase you until you're out of sight(which is very easy to do) then they'll converge onto you're last seen spot before stopping and going back to their posts