To play in VR, first download the apk, unzip it to your local computer, and search the web for how to use SideQuest or another method to install an apk onto a Quest VR headset that has Developer Mode enabled.

Developed Dec 1, 2019 - Jan 19, 2020

Project lead, core concept and gameplay, environment models (trees, terrain, tunnel, tracks, mountain), projectiles, bat functionality & model, ending zone, turrets, vfx, city, win & lose screen triggers, gate animation: Justin Chin

RoboCar functionality (including stealing, shot collisions, spawning), muzzle flash, gauge for potatoes: Karel Chabera Terra

Quest VR support, potato model, claw model: Chris DeLeon

Train and cargo models: Yong Wei

Mute toggle functionality: Ricardo Velez


Download 37 MB

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