Developed May 27-Aug 26, 2018

Lead, concept, main gameplay code, most animations, environment, score, pickups, scrolling, boss song and menu music, menu code, AI: Vignesh Ramesh

Venom dog AI, tuning adjustments, flying enemy, particles, collision fix, level design (6): Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Hearts health meter, countdown timer, crouch fix, limited double jump: Brian Boucher

Alien vine, spike tile, punch sound, initial sound integration: Zak Ali

Venom dog, kick animation, landing sound: Kise

Level editor, eerie song, jump sound, bug fixing for audio and animation: Brandon Trumpold

Collision improvements, moving platforms: Caspar "SpadXIII" Dunant

Slime drip, additional sprite sheet code: Terrence McDonnell

Volcano background, slime brick, fight song and miniboss song, music randomizer, level design (1): Stebs

Credits entry, mouse menu code, minor bug fixing, win screen, level sequence code: Chris DeLeon

Game over music: Asix Jin

Ogre walk and attack animation (win screen): Oasis Rim

Jump and kick sounds, battle mage boss animations (win screen): Jaime Rivas

Game Over sound: Chris Markle

Pause functionality: pseudoLudo

Damage from slime: Eugene Meidinger

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