Developed May 10 - Sept 13, 2020

Project lead and core gameplay, enemy waypoints logic, ship colors, projectiles logic, autofire, level design, health bar, enemy waves, healing zone, background building placement: Justin Chin

Shield deflection shader, tutorial, explosion vfx and related particles (smoke, animations, model chunks), framerate control, shot/explosion sounds and related integration, background music hookup, boss background audio, audio mixer set up, song transition, background UI splash screen, font selection and integration, start menu, UI hover effects, shader instancing support, options menu, icon, canvas dynamic embed resize, menu background blur, model orientation fixes: Andy King

Boss design (all modes) and related code, including boss homing missile / bombs / shield / special, boss model, boss intro sequence, color-coded player shots support, enemy grid spawn tool for editor, preview fix, ship selection toggle, sound integration, AI fix: Will McKay

Variations on asteroids and projectiles, enemy and player ship models, boss and planet models, space elements, several additional Tokyo background building clusters: Cassidy Noble

Tokyo tower building model, docomo building, Tokyo skybox: Brian J. Boucher

Player stats tracking, kill counting, deaths and HP tally, AI bug fix, summary fade, interface toggle, player rating: Philip Greene

Pause key, screen boundary enforced, editor waypoint visualization, path selection: Andrew Mushel

Two additional background voxel building clusters: Gabriel Cornish (Apollo group)

Additional background voxel buildings, compiled credits: Chris DeLeon

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