Developed Nov 13, 2022-Mar 19, 2023

Project co-lead, map design, tiles, game manager, merchant and card flavor text, resource asset authoring (including wheat, marble, salt, diamond, tea, lumber, silver), cities and most related functionality, card deck handling, win/loss detection, winning and losing cutscenes, resource spawning, card count display, camera control, resource icons, objective unlock, animation for objective display, audio integration, sounds (pickup, dropoff, celebration), assorted bug fixes (city name display, duplication glitch, collider issue): Cassidy Noble

Project co-lead, inventory functionality, merchant purchase, pathfinding, main UI layout and scaling, UI theme, objective display, resource delivery to castle, animated title screen, merchant mouse over, various fixes (including last action point, selling related issues, incorrect merchant names, resource pickup, castle drop off, moving during other player's turn, turn structure): Gabriel Cornish

Town resource event cards, action point move cost and related functionality, difficulty settings, game settings management, menu toggle sound, movement bug fix, settings on pause menu, music off for end scene, move caching: Chris Lange

Tile mouse selection, action point requirement, tile mouse over feedback, prevention of mouse event propagation, UI alignment touch ups, text wrap on cards, pause button: Randy Tan Shaoxian

Main music, support for actions without undo, map fix, action point update, inventory updates from undo: Neil Urwin

Feedback sound for blocked move, viewport stretch improvement, additional sound integration, debugging cleanup: Kyle Black

Ambient lighting settings, GUI font setup, hooks for action sounds, sound effects (various resource pickups), tile highlight, moveable tiles highlight: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Sound effects (coffee, diamond, various coin rustling): Patrick J Thompson

Testing and feedback: Klaim (Joël Lamotte), Rodrigo Bonzerr S. Lopez, Grygoriy Kulesko, Simon Hoffiz


Merchants of 43 MB

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