Project lead, core gameplay code, debug cheats, body shop functionality and related art, assorted asset integration, camera scrolling, AI waypoint following, internal editor before Tiled integration, race results screne, cash pickup, city sprite sheet, AI collision avoidance, trees and map buildings art, character selection screen, race time and related tracking, name entry, assorted bug fixes, rockets attack support, track 2 design: Vince McKeown

Airborne collision fixes, announcer voice over (ex. "start your engines" - many phrases), car sprites, car names support, trophy art for win screen, system clock font, title screen setup, results screen images, explosion and engine sound effects, garage screen art: Jeff "Axphin" Hanlon

"Guerrilla" level design, mute key, screen shake, oil slip functionality, crack effect code, damage calculation, health display, game state refactoring (bools to enum), wrecked game state hookup, help screen option: Simon J Hoffiz

Race completion fix, collision handling improvements, jump speed threshold, nitro feature, arena wall graphics updated, grass and cone improvements, AI braking refactor, gauge system, tuning balance, boundary enforcement, two player upgrades, font integration, clock fix: Mike LeSauvage

Fading decal support (tracks, skids), gamepad support, smoke effects, title screen flames and other decoration effects (sparkles!), effects optimizations, title screen background image, crack detection, mouse fix, headlights support, checkpoints, hover state support, assorted bug fixes, death arena map: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Linux support fixes, proportion corrections, CSS improvements, debug draw code, speedometer display, gauges refacor, split screen support plus related fixes, wrong direction test, waypoint error, wreck screen improvement: Randy Tan Shaoxian

Performance optimization (cached tile rendering), camera fix, Tiled map editor format integration, crack and oil tiles, pond tile set, title screen improvements, AI spread out, assorted bug fixes: H Trayford

Canvas rescaling, airborne collision fix, cars parking at end of race, editor waypoint integration, input improvements, assorted bug fixes: Terrence McDonnell

Background music: Alan Zaring

Fuel gauge display, pit stop functionality, shields/health support, car fire: Anthony Free

Additional Linux support fixes, cone sprite, ramp sprites, oil barrel art, ramp directionality support: Gonzalo Delgado

Minimap feature, restart support, pause game improvements, rockets fix: Vaan Hope Khani

Transmission options, nitro fix: Michelly Oliveira

Debug mode, AI steering improvement: Barış Köklü

Low fuel detection: Jose Contreras

Audio pause fix, mute image, ice obstacle sprite hookup: Justin Horner

Rain effect: Stebs

Premium nitro: Osama "Dorgam" Alsalman

Car slide on ice: Ricardo Velez

Compiled credits, minimap smoothing, rain pans: Chris DeLeon

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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Fun game, enjoyed racing around and leaving tire marks on the road.  Winning to earn money to spend = excellent. The other cars seem to get confused, driving through the offroad area, or going in loops.