Developed Aug 18 - Dec 8, 2019

Project lead, core gameplay (main movement, attacking, collision hitboxes, enemies, level structure), enemy AI, localization support, floor/roof parallax effect, foreground fade, assorted integration, game over and belt award screens, menu key support, gamepad support, assist mode options, prop collision, sprite atlas creation, tuning and bug fixes: H Trayford

Main player animations (idle, punch, kick, falling, walk, blocking, crouch, crouch block, sweep kick), gameplay feedback: Marc Silva

Title screen background art, boss sprites (most - adapted from player sprites), menu yin yang cursor, roof tiles, combat sound effects, title bird art, columns, floor boards effect, wall shadow effect, plain wall, zen ink logo rasterization, image loading improvement, level wall scrolls (x5), UI section border, boss animation timing tweaks, knockback sprites, atlas boss states, gameplay feedback: Jeff "Axphin" Hanlon

Japanese letter support, controls remapping functionality, initial menu support, healthbar, sound effects (bone, low pain, steps, menu navigation, low health, 1up, swish), UI background, font system, art (lamp, table, statue, tapestry, carpet, tree, rock, bamboo, background spears, building, painting, broken vase), addl. Japanese localization, gameplay feedback: Vaan Hope Khani

Whoosh air particles and related visual effects, decoration prop art system, keyboard control improvements, help screen, initial French localization, text drop shadow, sound debug toggle, knockouted out body collision and fade, dash blur, dust and smoke particles, knockout stars, hourglass for GUI, zen ink logo, performance optimizations, foosteps visuals, flash from damage, delay after player death, timing experimentation, gameplay feedback: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Event-based input handler and related UI scripting, music fade transition support, advanced timers implementation, improved debug output, addl. extensive sound engine code: Aaron Ishibashi

Composed boss music: Jaime Rivas

Composed main gameplay music: Alan Zaring

Spritesheets by belt color for player knockback, jump, and helicopter kick: Jeremiah Franczyk

Mute toggle, all health meters, score reset bug fixes: Michelly Oliveira

Boss spin kick implementation, enemy woosh dashes, localization tweaks: Stebs

Camera movement, gamepad movement, gitignore addition: Evan Lindsay

Temple painting, waterfall painting (based on in-game animation), player sweep attack bug fix: Brian J. Boucher

Idle animation hookup, addl. Japanese localization: Tyler Funk

Spanish localization, slide during crouch, credits scroll and related browser interactions: Simon J Hoffiz

Polish localization, extensive gameplay feedback: Kornel

French localization: Klaim (A. Joël Lamotte)

Additional French localization: Valentin Lemière

Vase image, waterfall animation: Andy King

Russian localization (initial), canvas CSS fixes: Oleksandr Dubrovskyi

Player kick sound effects integration: Stephanie Patterson

Background music integration: Eugene Meidinger

Gamplay feedback: Bilal A. Cheema

Linux case sensitivity fix: Randy Tan Shaoxian

Credits compilation, game development consultation: Chris DeLeon

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