Developed July 1 to Aug 19, 2018

Game Lead, Core Gameplay, AI Drivers, Time Limit, Successful Shot Detection, Art Integration, Player Art and Animation, Scoreboard Art and Implementation, Dunking Art and Coding, Local Multiplayer, Game Over Screen, Credits Data Entry, Polishes and Bug Fixes: Barış Köklü

Menu Functionality, Demo Gameplay, Around The World Game Mode, Street Court Art and Implementation, Practice Mode, Game Over Screen Menu, Credits Functionality, Difficulty Settings, Player 2 Animations, Polishes and Bug Fixes: H Trayford

Particle Effects, Gamepad Support, Shoe Sfx, Ball Dribbling, Spotlight, Ball Sprite and Shadow: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Zones and Zone Detections, Background Musics For All Courts, Commentator, Ball Splash, Crowd Cheer and Horn SFX: Stebs

Game Logo, Player 2 Art, Beach Court Art, Core Main Menu: Oasis Rim

Tuning Shooting Mechanics, Sudden Death Overtime Implementation, UI Polish: Brandon Trumpold

Ball Coming Off the Rim Mechanics, Base Version Of The Court, Crowd Art: Ashlee Muscroft

Indoor Court Art, Crowd Cheering Art, Main Menu Polish: Marc Silva

Pause Functionality, Court Visibility Polish: Renaud Marshall

Ball Bouncing and Ball Coming Off The Rim: Jaime Rivas

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