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Developed May 20 to Oct 14, 2018

Project lead, Main functionality, Office Hub Zone, Apartment Zone, Graveyard Zone, Camp Zone, Ships Zone: Chris DeLeon

Aether Zone, Aether 1980's Cart: Trenton Pegeas

Decaying World Zone: Jaime Rivas

Platform X Zone, Handheld console model: Caspar "SpadXIII" Dunant

Dig Site Zone, Dig Site 1970's Cart, Desk calendar model, Jump code fix, final testing: Brian Boucher

Sound effects authoring for, Aether, Decaying World, Island, Hub, Bates Estate, Camp, Platform X, and Graveyard, music for Camp and Platform X: Chris Markle

Island Zone: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Bates Estate Zone: Brian Dieffenderfer

Wordwall Zone: Kornel

Light House Zone, Light House Music: Simon J Hoffiz

Sept Zone, Kahn Zone, Island water improvements, General lighting tests: Dan Lazar

Music for Bates Estate, Music for Sept, Music for Kahn, Music for Dig Site, Music for Ships: Coy Compositions

Music for Hub, Music for Caves: Praneil Kamat

Wordwall sounds, Music for Wordwall, Camp audio fixes, Aether audio optimizations: Michael "Misha" Fewkes

Puzzle Tower Zone: Cameron Button

Music for Aether, Music for Apartment: Joseph Spedale

Cosy Caves Zone: Klaim (A. Joël Lamotte)

Lamp model in Bates Estate, Bottle model in Bates Estate, Chair model in Bates Estate, Wardrobe model in Bates Estate: Andreas Lathe

Cooler model in Camp, Picnic table model in Camp, Campfire model in Camp: Rémy Lapointe

Decaying World chair model, Decaying World table model, Platform X chest models, Song for Graveyard: Vignesh Ramesh

Schoolbus Model: Adam A. Lohnes

Music for Puzzle Tower: Asix Jin

Player controller improvements, Graveyard visual effects, Aether lighting improvements: Gerard Belenguer Prous

Red Stapler Model: Jeff Hanlon

Printer Model: Barış Köklü

Pumpkin Model: Terrence McDonnell

USB Drive: Loren Pierce

Eject Game Menu: Matthew Ko

Office plant model: Erik Verlage

Aether wooden door sound, Aether orb sound effect: Frederik Max

Ferris Wheel: Daniel Viruet

Camp photo: Sam Seltzer - Johnston

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorHomeTeam GameDev
Made withUnity


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I enjoy the game a great deal, thank you for making it.  Impressive how the structure of the game allowed for many to contribute, and support a wide variety of experiences.

The initial clue drew my attention to the first location with a round face for quite a while. (30 minutes x 3 visits)  It wasn't until the 5th time playing it that I finally ignored the written clues and started exploring.  The initial frustration would have been avoided if no written clues appeared until they were useful.

I am happy that there is no tutorial.  Some artwork, or another video game console giving a clue on how to get started would be fun.


Wow love all the references hidden throughout, was getting a Hitch Hikers guide returning from infinite improbability drive vibe from some of the levels :) 


sorry if i missed something obvious, but i decided to check the river out, and could not find my way back up :-) only had time to explore the dig site for now, but will come back to check the rest. thanks for the game(s) :-)


It was such a joy working on this with you all. There's something really special about this game; it is so chill and friendly, so much to explore with no stress. Thank you, everyone!


The amount of content in this game is just astounding.  There are so many different environments and each is so atmospheric.  If you enjoy puzzles in atmospherically intense environment, this game is for you.