Developed Aug 26 to Dec 9, 2018

Project lead, core functionality, scoring and score pop ups, powerup objects, enemy, projectile, and collision code, level 2 and 3 design, screenshake, menu base code, checkpoint and continues, enemy pathing, cut scene animations, ground enemy integration, main UI integration, missile, ghost, and clear powerups, boss behavior improvements, boss explosions, all flying and two ground enemy art, volcano, bug fixes: H Trayford

Logo, tile editor integration, level 1 design, ground enemy rotation support, flickering after respawn, capsule pickup effects, test level, editor tutorial (internal use), warp challenge functionality, main menu improvements, shot contrast tweaks, made parallax editable per stage: Ryan Malm

HQ boss and eye boss art, boss 2 and 3 implementation, level 3 parallax art, high scores save, load, and display, mini-mini-bosses, turret platforms art (x5), fire brick and fire stone art, ground enemy spritesheet, pause and options screen improvements, additional text cleanup: Vaan Hope Khani

Ship thruster particles, background gradient/ sky/greeble, foreground parallax effect, parallax asteroids and truss, additional player collision tuning, capsule spawning, endgame functionality, caves test level, tilt sprite implemented, thruster animation hookup: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Main story writing, player ship sprite (including turns), mini boss sprite, game font, thruster sprites, original player art, main menu selector, planet sprite, QA testing: Jeff "Axphin" Hanlon

Explosion animation, shot flash effect, powerup refactoring, clear screen powerup, laser shot artwork: Jaime Rivas

Player fire sound, small and large explosion sounds, shield sound, mini boss music, item pickup sound, menu interaction sounds: Chris Markle

Text scroll support, cutscene code, level skip cheat (disabled), WASD input code, improved keyboard support, pause screen layout, credits layout: Randy Tan Shaoxian

Credits pause/play with space, extra life sound integration, powerups cheat (disabled), ghost ship explosion hookups, music loop support, auto-fire on options screen, demo scene movement: Michelly Oliveira

Cargo boss art and behavior, cargo boss projectiles art and code: Marc Silva

Animated lives icons, UI design, border art, and UI sprites, force, speed, ghost powerup icons, QA testing: Kirvee

Powerups spawn code, powerup increment feature, powerup buttons hookup (disabled): K. Anthony

Locking powerups once used, testing/debug cheats support: Ian Ross

Audio and code for laser sound, audio and code for powerup activation, extra life sound effect, music composition (warp speed), audio for clear screen powerup: Andrew Mushel

Starfield improvements, space debris: Caspar "SpadXIII" Dunant

Boss music compsition, organized user testing: Stebs

Options menu improvements, additional rock art: T.

Bubble explosion (art and code), ghost ship art: Zak Ali

Particle editor, critical bug fix (was on player death): Remy Lapointe

HQ invasion eyeboss behavior: Praneil Kamat

Code for force shield: Lou "Mass KonFuzion" Herard

Ground enemy sprite: Vince McKeown

Boss laser sfx, enemy damaged sfx: Shaun Lindsley

Rock sprites: Tomanski

Shields cheat (disabled), pause screen improvements: Kevin Pavlish

3 songs (Dil se, Energize, In the End Bosca): Vignesh Ramesh

Planetary descent music and boss music: Coy Compositions

Song (prepare to strike): Joe C.S.

Code for damage sound: Loren Pierce

Data persistence support: Dan Dela Rosa

Player explosion sound: pseudoLudo

Credits compilation, development support: Chris DeLeon

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Totally love this game, will they be a download version of this because i will be more than happy to purchase G-Type just so i can play it offline ? , Awesome work, both thumbs up from me :)

I am overjoyed to hear that you love G-Type.  We had a lot of fun making it.  There will not be a downloadable version, nor will it be available for purchase.  It was made as a non-commercial game with Gamkedo Club.