Developed July 14-Oct 6, 2019

Project lead, core gameplay, writing, voices, mission structure, lightning sounds and camera shake, characters and initial environment art, cat and milk puzzle, bug fixes, foot steps, fog system, various sfx with FMOD integration: Stebs

Inventory selection, guidebook functionality, giving/exchanging items support, camera focus feature, magic door closing, usable gate, wall/fence prefabs, randomized placement script, mausoleum animation hookup, assorted bug fixes: Kornel

Dynamic menu resizing, cemetary intro cutscene, cutscene camera code improvements, UI layout tweaks, intro text dynamic placement: Barış Ünlüer

Sprite art (animated bat, cat, web, owl, grass, mushrooms, rock, spooky bushes, trees) and related integration: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Ambient light changes with progress, webGL postprocessing troubleshooting, control and prompt UIs, centralized dialog script, bathroom scene: Barış Köklü

Camera look adjustments, mouse click script, mausoleum wall draft: Tyler Funk

Title screen music and audio transitions, music after the first puzzle: Alan Zaring

Puzzle music (including tracks, layers, related FMOD events), trigger zones for puzzle music: Jaime Rivas

Menu exit button (only shows when testing native builds), adjustments to black fade on menu: Cyriel De Neve

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