Developed Jan 5 - Apr 5, 2020

Project lead, main concept, core gameplay, flipspace growth, main level design (incl. hub), minimap, title screen, pixel fonts, additional player animations (EV suit, death, no gun crouch/idle), powerup effects, tiles (dirt), many player sounds, hover tooltips, portrait work, assorted bug fixes, map editor integration, UI design, bullet motion/collision, pooling, achievements, doors, boss concept, flying enemies, flipspace jetpack, parallax, environmental hazards, camera tracking: Ryan Malm

GL renderer and all related fixes/optimizations, level design (Room04, Room06, Room13), flipspace distortion effect, hitbox fixes, health pickups visual, particle system improvements, flip slime, inverted plant tiles, hit flash, flip bird collisions, flip pig integration, flip crawler sprite, game save, level load/unload improvements: H Trayford

Level design (final battle room, mountain bunker, Room10, Room07), robo tank (animation, AI, attack), switch puzzle triggers, tiles (greebles, panels, bolts, lights, tech) text wave effect, audio browser compatibility improvements, warp pads, gamepad support, ladders, glyph tiles, hub signs, additional sound integration, loading progress bar, flip spider, various effects (bolt thrower, landing, muzzle flash, sparks, flamethrower), additional error checking, assorted generated sounds: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Player design improvements, jump/fall animations, air control fix, crouch, additional pause screen details, art and code for aiming up: Marc Silva

Player top collision, gravity fix, rate of fire control, shot reallocation on death: Andrew Mushel

5+ tilesets, song ("Vanishing"), enemy Slime animations, portraits art: Jeff "Axphin" Hanlon

Music in 4 variations ("Layers of Cool Lasers"): Klaim (A. Joël Lamotte)

Audio implementation (advanced; spatialization, ducking, track swapping, and more), volume controls: Michael "Misha" Fewkes

Creepy synthwave track: Stebs

Assorted sound effects (environment, enemy, attacks, interface, pickups, and more), main dialog box functionality: Vaan Hope Khani

RoboDrone logic: Michelly Oliveira

Blue pipes tiles, OS compatibility fix: Gonzalo Delgado

Animations (walk, idle, with and without gun), initial EV suit: Jeremiah Franczyk

Pause menu, blocked movement while crouching: Matthew "McCordinator" McCord

Practice commits: Ian Cherabier, Simon J Hoffiz

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absolutely lovely game!