Developed Jan 17 - May 9, 2021

Project lead, core gameplay and main engine code, base table functionality, Tiled map editor integration, ball/flipper physics,  additional asset integration and assorted bugfixes, layout tweaks, multi-collider object support, planet bumpers with animation, table selection screen: H Trayford

Rocket/space table art (background, star animations, planet sprite, sputnik, rocket, space shuttle), forest table (background, base layout, tree walls, bananas, monkeys, planes), title control tips, ball reset, extra ball score goal, rotating gates (including related additional scoring functionality), target plane spawner, short flipper art, sky table layout variation, better selection arrow (flippers), scroll credits page functionality, menu screen wrap, banana sound: Sergio Ferrer

Atlantis table (including bubbles effect), start song, habitrail (art, implementation, placement), slot machine feature (art, implementation, placement, sounds), title image integration, pause mode, mute toggle, volume controls, ball loss, extra ball support: Fahad Muntaz

VAM Empire table (design, layout, asteroids, starfield, themed playfield components including sound), ball trail improvements, table state persistence, backlit letters with animation, collison and scoring updates, lane trigger updates, blocked sounds repeating too rapidly, additional flipper juice, minor reset fixes, team internal reference diagram, score multiplier feature, light bonus minigame, flipping card fix: Kyle Black

Background songs (atlantis, forst, space table, VAM empire), menu music (honky tonk song, game over), sounds (flipper, ball capture, ball strike, rollover lane), title screen image: Andrew Hind

Rails, plunger art, cloud background (top and bottom), animated bumpers, small bumper animations, 4 color variations for bumpers, font selection and related integration, cyclone animation, plane explosion, pluger animation: Ryan Lewis

Volume preferences save/load, variable canvas width support, additional animation support, game object base class, collision crash fix: Daniel Xiao

Shake and tilt detection, pause tint and tip, default key mapping: Christian de Miranda

Playing card art, card flipping effect, card integration: Brian J. Boucher

One-way gate colliders, plunger gate, game over scene: Benjamin Zigh

Score support, sprite animations, lives reset, restart feature, pause control tips: Vinzenz Sinapius

Score bonus debug cheat: Zarya Rowland Bintz

Initial z-order sort support: Himar Gil Hernandez

Pop bumper sound, full screen toggle: Tanner Chrishop

High Score displayed, High Score persistence across browser refresh: Ashleigh M.

Screen flash: Jason Harrison

Mute feature fix: Derek Miranda

Collision fix: Ben Stone

Cloud looping fix: Farbs

Rotated part alignment fix, compiled credits: Chris DeLeon

Practice commits: Filipe Dottori, Hamza Sehavdic


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Hello! I am getting an error with my browser setup: `

Uncaught DOMException: Failed to read the 'localStorage' property from 'Window': Access is denied for this document.


I think it can be fixed by catching the exception to handle that situation. Not sure what setting of my browser triggers that.

The result is that I only see a black screen.