Developed Nov 11, 2018 to Feb 24, 2019

Project lead, core gameplay, slime enemy, level editor, map switching, terrain tilesheet integration stats implementation, bug fixes, xp rewards and leveling up, collision handling, snow art (bush, tree, pit rebel tent), forest art (portal), inventory, depth sorting, spawn code, main enemy code, level design, save/load: Jaime Rivas

Tileset workflow, forest tiles, Wormex sprites, editor improvements, snowygrass tile variations, tall tile support, ice and snow dunes tiles, inventory fix, animation manager, internal documentation: Ryan Malm

Boss character sprite, fight particle effect, randomized enemy start direction: Gonzalo Delgado

Main sound code, interface fixes, editor improvements, in-game UI for map name and item pickup mute, Seer and NPC placement, cheat test features, boundary testing, Wormex implementation, randomized hit audio integration: Vince McKeown

Terrain spritesheet, gamepad support, character code cleanup, footprints trail feature, fading title on transitions, particles (dust, death, action, sparkles), stats interface art, enemy attack range, ending: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Main character sprite, xp display, in-game and main menu, additional player stats: Vaan Hope Khani

Sounds (enemy hits/attack/defeated, level up, gravel/grass/forest/snow/ice footsteps, item pickup menu sounds, NPC sounds, scene change): Shaun Lindsley

Road tiles art, player movement fix, projectile improvements, chase AI: Terrence McDonnell

Pause functionality, main menu music, player and enemy recoil from combat loss: Simon J Hoffiz

Health and XP bars, enemy health bars, eyepatch implementation, Outcast character, stats UI, scrolling intro text: Trolzie

3 songs (Rebel Woods, Nordic Snow, Nordic Rage): Asix Jin

Logo art and integration, music integration: Stebs

Dialog feature: Kise

Player hit and player attack sounds: Chris Markle

Snowy grass tile: Rémy Lapointe

Enemy AI debug visualization: Matt Sullivan

W/S key support for menu: Nicholas Polchies

Removal of sprite animation debug behavior: Michelly Oliveira

Title background image, game credits: Chris DeLeon


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hi, i know this games is most likely forgotten, but i wanted to tell u guys that u all made an excellent job, as someone who loves ys series i can see that it is very similar that ys. Wish there was a download button, so if somehow itch went down we would be able to play it still

What are the controls for this game? I would expect a way to fight enemies with my weapon, but every key I tried does nothing. I also found something that looked like an item but I don't know how to pick it up. I like the style and the music a lot! Would love to finish playing once I know what I can do and what my goals are :)