Developed Feb 16 to May 3, 2020

Project lead (also for the original Falldale), core gameplay, cliff tiles, player animation updates, bush tiles, blacksmith shop, new goblin animations, assorted map updates, tree update, town redesign, Orc and Arya updates, optimizations, character creation screen graphics, music integration, garden tiles, mausoleum art, GUI buttons, skeleton animations, Rowan animations, asset cleanup, pahtfinding refinement, cloth and stick items, destroyable boxes, quest art, intro illustration, particles, wizard's map: Vince McKeown

Art (tables, bar stools, wooden walls, flagstones, bar joints, top wall updates, window, pine tree, cliffs, caves, bonfire animation, castle walls), level design (castle, east woods), Tiled integration (with Andrew), map data conversion, assorted bug fixes, collision system updates, new quest code features, AI zone support, orc boss AI improvements, hammer weapon, wizard area colliders, transitions, enemy placement & tuning: Tylor Allison

Control improvements, Tiled integration (with Tylor), code refactoring (lock and key, item, treasure, weapon, minimap), additional rooftops: Andrew Mushel

Help screen, bartender voice, alchemy shop, stats data (incl. for enemies and quests), leveling up, healer name: Allan Regush

NE Woods and East Woods, assorted map fixes, image loading bug fix: Catherine San Luis

Druid addition to Old Graveyard, Old Graveyard tile improvements, Old Graveyard design, bridge, layer collision fix: Ashleigh M.

Updated inventory display: Powerproust

Initial character class code, minimap diagonal movement: Yong Wei

Goblin AI update to support variable chase speeds: John Eversole

Achievements list: Joshua Rigley

Note: see "Falldale" elsewhere in our HomeTeam collection (or view the in-game credits after the title screen) for original/pre-EE contributions!

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I haven't played much, but I've killed whatever is Lucy and Myrtle through the castle wall. It's possible to peek inside the castle and attack without entering it.

Good job everyone!

Thank you!