Developed Feb 3 to May 5, 2019

Project lead, core gameplay and initial functionality, leveling, level and quest design, many sprites (including healer, princess, villagers, goblin, NPCs, non-chief orcs, zombies, skeletons, druid boss, bullywug), blacksmith shop, trees, editor, pause support, mausoleums, fireballs, treasure, quest dialog writing, NPC voices, Goblinraid song, assorted sounds, princess audio: Vince McKeown

Game scaling, gamead support, shadows,rays of light, shine effect, rooftop mouse peek feature, editor, improvements, bridge, cat, night mode, minimap, optimization, decoration tiles, footprints, water effect, side quests: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Archer sprite and integration, goblin club tuning, initial bite support, door functionality and audio, improved word collision test, diagonal movement support, player-monster collisions, assorted bug fixes: Steve Driscoll

AI path finding, dialog manager, screen culling optimization, organization of weapon code (swords, rocks, arrows, clubs, biting, magic sword), zombie movement tweaks, tile, transparency support, additional input for character selection screen, assorted bug fixes: H Trayford

Orc chief art and animations, house art (door, window,and walls), file case issue fix, missing tile error handling, shoe attack, prototype, ranged weapon improvements, Firefox compatibility fix: Gonzalo Delgado

Projectile directionality, flashing effect after recent damage, skeleton spawning from disturbed graves, speed adjustments, camera improvements, assorted refactoring, enemy point collision code: Randy Tan Shaoxian

Pub/happy song, title menu music, wizard tower music, graveyard music, character and sprite selector improvements, boundary checks, charater portrait display: Klaim (A. Joël Lamotte)

Sprites for Player and several characters (Smally, Teeny, Weeny) including facings and animations, initial, overall storyline: Vismaya Menon (Quenzel201Aliza)

Minimap feature, sword UI fade after delay, image display fix, pause screen improvements: Trolzie

Save and load feature, question one rewards, map edge transition, movement debug features, reset improvements: Jeremy Kenyon

Enemy spawn improvements, bat spawn and collision fixes, orc sprite randomization, state screen positioning: Andrew Mushel

Health shows only after hit (players and zombies), Bugbear hurt sound and integration, opening story writing: Cyriel De Neve

In-game instructions, character roll UI improvements, prevention of ranged attacks if player is indoors: Daniel Peach

Out of ammo message, health rounding, loading flicker fix, improvements to mute and dice rolling, assorted polish: Terrence McDonnell

Mute feature, background music initialization: Michelly Oliveira

Bow and arrow weapon art, including arrow and quiver items: Kumar Daryanani

Level up feature improvements, armor rating calculation, refactor of directional code: Eugene Meidinger

Rock sounds, player freeze feature: Justin Horner

New grass and road tiles, improved perspective of roof tiles: Ryan Malm

Retouched art for grass, house garden, and road: I-wei Chen

Character creation update, rock and arrow tile collisions: Dominick Aiudi

Kenku art and animation: Charlene A.

Woods background music: Kise

Computer distance to the player from AI: Vaan Hope Khani

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I enjoyed working on this big project with you. Lots of moving parts and asset creation! Some great music in this game. Looking forward to the next one.