Developed Jan 16 - May 15, 2022

Project lead, core gameplay, warrior animations, ghost and skeleton sprite facings, level design (shared), assorted environment art (yellow), statue, spider webs, collision handling, projectiles art/code, lock and key, pathfinding, art integration, tuning: Vince McKeown

Tile atlas, level design (shared), dungeon music, whisp particle fix, room optimization (enemies/particles), hit flash, sword swish animation and damage, spike trap functionality, game over handling, ghost enemy refactor, pixel scaling css, room bug fix: Ryan Malm

Art (wall sword, wall shield, skeleton portrait, zombie with pearl earring, torch sprite, plaques, cave floors/walls), floor tile variations, spikes, tile randomization functionality, wall shadows, stair down tweak, level system: Tylor Allison

Octo golem enemy (with behavior), carpet tiles, move diagonal input support, particles (torch, red, sparkle, sword, dust), splash screen with logo, double door functionality, painting eyes follow layer, assorted sound effects (including sword swings), audio integration, scrollbars fix: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Table art, room decoration placement (furniture, pottery, desk) pottery room, pause feature, readability improvements, font size fix, debug counter: Patrick McKeown

Wood box, rug art, minimap, health UI, main menu functionality: Vaan Hope Khani

Ghost animation, ghost death, ghost bobbing, table sprite, barred dungeon window, player idle animation: Gonzalo Delgado

Floor and ceiling tile layer support, two additional rooms, tile system refactor, shadow fix: H Trayford

Desk, chain wall, enemy ram: Abhishek @akhmin_ak

Mute toggle, health and related properties: Evan Sklarski

Broken prison wall variations: Philip Greene

Broken brick tile integration, enemy dialog test: Justin Chin

Sword animation fix: Johan Östling

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