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Developed May 13 - Jul 29, 2018

Game Lead, Core Gameplay, Level Editor, AI Drivers, Background Parallax, Nitro Boost, Time Limit, Street Light Art, Animated Radio Tower, Collision Detection, Art Integration, Billboards (Over 10 Designs): H Trayford

Signs (Over 28 Designs), Checkpoint Code, Crashing Animation Code, Menu Improvements, Finish Line Animation, Stage Ground Colors, Track Design (Skyline, Mountain, Forest), Main Menu Animation: Terrence McDonnell

Screen State Machine, City Skyline, Data Storage, End of Round Report, Level Select, Game Over Screen, Font Improvements, Dashboard Radio, Automatic Transmission: Artem Smirnov

Truck Model and Sprites, Semi Model and Sprites, Bus Model and Sprites: Adam A. Lohnes

Particle Effects, Car Spritesheet Code, Dashboard HUD Code, Cloudy Sky Backgrounds, Sharp Pixel Scaling, Gamepad Support, Kangaroo Sign, Title Parallax, Random Track Generator (Unreleased WIP): Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Custom Audio Engine Code, Sounds (Engine, Off Road, Brakes, Crash), Sound Mixing, Starting Countdown: Michael "Misha" Fewkes

Music (Snow Level, Night Theme), Player Car Model, Sound (Cheering), Billboard (Slick Punch): Vignesh Ramesh

Steering Feel Tweaks, Tuning (speeds, crash time), RPM Needle Fix: Brandon Trumpold

Billboard (East Coast Throwback), Billboard (Presidential), Billboard (Attractions), Additional Tree Art: Stebs

Music (Main Menu, Game Over), Sound (Checkpoint), Billboard (Globuton): Chris Markle

Snowy Mountain Background, Props (Tires), Props (Trees), Main Menu Sprites: Tomanski

Billboard (Sandwich), Billboard (Coffee), Billboard (Fast Food): Todd Enyeart

Gear Shifting, Game Over Screen Improvement: Barıs Koklu

Countdown Sounds, Music (Dr Juno): Joseph Spedale

Billboard (Arcaninjadroid), Billboard (Spell Spiel): Remy Lapointe

Dashboard UI Art: Kirvee

Rear Car Bump Collision: Dynokhan

Save State Improvements: Dan Dela Rosa

Billboard (We Must Prepare): Jeremy Kenyon

Billboard (Aether): Trenton Pegeas

Playtesting, Music Bug Fix: Brian Boucher

Additional Road Tiles: Brian Dieffenderfer

Particle Camera Drift, Perspective Sprite Tweaks, Credits Data Entry: Chris DeLeon

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It's overall good job, the various levels should keep the game interesting for a relatively long time. The gameplay visuals are interesting, having the old-fashioned style of 2D vehicle sprites in an environment that seems to be based on 3D, with the latter being in more high resolution too. I liked some added details, like the music player display. How well your browser can run games is critical in this case, since slower speed caused by slow frame rate also seems to mean slower speed in the game itself and therefore harder difficulty. Or then I just suck and should practice more.

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