Developed Oct 20, 2019 - Feb 9, 2020

Project lead, core gameplay, most environment and character art (including portraits), AI waypoint system, enemy code, assorted integration, main menu, coins support skeleton king, pathfinding, crypt and town levels, game over screen: Vince McKeown

Minimap, fast walk debug feature, invulnerable cheat, character positions on minimap, HP/MP HUD bars, key & gold display, inventory mouse support, level loading bug fix, animation code improvements, tooltip feature, abilities cooldown, assorted bug fixes, heal effect, melee attacks, abilities key shortcuts, shield item, enemy treasure drop, fireball spell, cleric heal unlock, heal effect, freeze spell, attack range: Rami Bukhari

Debug menu features, depth layering, wall transparency effect, enemy subclass refactor, key detection improvement, level one design, game state manager, camera tracking, cutscene support, AI bug fix, noclip cheat support: Yong Wei

2nd and 3rd quest, skeleton king voice, evil laugh, conclusion quest story, door closing sound, level for stage between between town and crypt: Justin Chin

Linux support fix, help screen, menu state improvements, pause support, credits display, heal spell, cleric attacks, inventory headshot integration, typo fix: Allan Regush

Run key, design for UI, HUD, and inventory, additional art improvements to title screen and character selection, inventory hookup: Kirvee

Basement music: Jaime Rivas

Potion images: Vaan Hope Khani

Mouse to tile index lookup function, compiled credits: Chris DeLeon

Unlimited keys debug cheat: Ricardo Velez

Practice commits by Victor Albenor, Alfonso Salinas, Rami Bukhari, and Justin Chin

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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