Developed Feb 3 to Apr 28, 2019

Project lead, core functionality, majority of foundational art (including village / cave / forest environments, player sprites, most enemy sprites), combat room locks, initial menu code, main enemy art and behaviors (flowers, zombies, imp), potions support, Big Boss and Lich code (collaboratively with others on the team), co-op (non-AI), cutscene improvements, cave quest: Trenton Pegeas

Nearly all aspects of implementation for the co-op companion AI bot, wrestler integration and dialog, green shirt woman, main menu skip (debug functionality), FMOD mute support, speech bubbles activated by NPC proximity, additional bug fixes: Terrence McDonnell

Made input more responsive, Big Bones boss (including spawner, phases, health bar), burning village scene, poison tiles, worm boss functionality and related cutscene, sounds (step, bone rattle, heavy impact, fire spray, explosions), cave floor tiling, interior tiling, entry/exit in village buildings, fog animation, dialog font integration, game over functionality, pause menu functionality, UI scaling, NPC behavior improvements, assorted bug fixes: Bilal A. Cheema

Audio Lead, FMOD integration & implementation, sounds design (footsteps, stair, cave reverb, lightnin staff, wooden boxes, enemy spawn, cemetary ambience, forest ambience, boss skeleton ambience, cemetary ambience, player damage, ooze damage, fire weapon, explosions, dialog sound, menu animation, mega worm), audio controls, FMOD interactive music scripts, additional sound implementation (skeleton, zombie, plants enemies, skeleton boss sounds), mixing: Thomas Brandoli

Main menu (scroll art, opening animation, buttons, font selection, stone background, and related implementation), volume sliders, pause menu improvements, particle options, lore page: Tylor Allison

Player revival feature and tooltip, spike hazard, boss scene framework, falling rocks and related screenshake, weapon refactoring, game over fixes: Caspar "SpadXIII" Dunant

Village music, graveyard ambient music, dungeon music, AI debugging and item detection, archer sprite, door improvements, crates and related physics tuning, additional fixes: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Male and female villagers, two shopkeepers, purchase animation, enemy worm art, burning village animations: Charlene A.

Slime creature animations and implementation, lich animations: Marc Silva

Battle music, game over music: Klaim (A. Joël Lamotte)

Grave art, menu cursor art: Vismaya Menon (Quenzel201Aliza)

Sound effects and fmod implementation (weapon switch, forest ambience, slime sounds, imp head, imp caster, worm, potions, UI sfx): Fredrik Tyrberg

Fireball knockback, enemy stagger functionality: Jeremy Kenyon

Cursor switching and pause improvements: Avery Pratt

Gold code and related bag icon, weapon cost implemented (prototyped): Jeremy Jackson

Spike sound effects and implementation, mega worm cutscene: Magnus Mikander

Sound effects: player damage and player death, skeleton boss animations and voices, skeleton enemy death and movement: Huberth Laurent Ariza Varela

Fireball related sounds: Jeff "Axphin" Hanlon

Main menu music, mega worm sounds and music: Stebs

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This project brings about a lot of pride while playing and thinking about it. The AI bot for coop is a great achievement for me thus far, flaws and poor decisions included. It will be hard to remove this game from my head space. Thank you for leading it, Trenton.