Player 1 keys (or use gamepad!)
Space - Drive
K - Brake
A/D - Steer
C - Open phone, confirm phone
X - Lower phone, cancel on phone
Arrows - Phone menus
J- Throw rat at other driver
L - Clear rat from face

Developed Dec 6 - Mar 28, 2021

Project co-lead (main/design), initial gameplay prototypes, main map layout for city, reference photos, order randomization, sounds (bike, dropoff, trash collision, phone sounds), driving tuning, collision fixing, buildings (pub, apartments, beach hotel), destroyable bins, brake lights, text tips, street signs, majority of building placement, fences, additional input work, NPC car and pedestrian spawning, delivery item models (long pole, fridge, signs, speaker, bag, TV, microwave, washing machine, beer boxes), assorted environment art props, signs, multiplayer phone-style menu support, scene cleanup, traffic system prototype, screen mode transition controls, phone orders navigation, pedestrian masks and hats, more scooter variations, title song vocals and guitar: Stebs

Project co-lead (technical), delivery mechanics, NPC vehicles, camera code, nav mesh setup, order mechanics, countdown, initial light baking, UI & phone bug fixing, scoring, competing delivery NPC AI, pedestrian system, additional co-op multiplayer functionality, additional sound hookups, UI resizing, destructible object particles, physical delivery display, many bug fixes and tweaks, title screen touch up, scene song transition, solved multiplayer timing bug: Cassidy Noble

Project co-lead (art), title logo, vehicles (scooter with riders, bahn bao guy, expat bike rider, taxi, car, motorcycle, delivery truck, van, pickup truck), buildings (shop A, Chip's Apartment), props (street sign, tables, chairs, trees, rat), ground (road and sidewalk variations, crosswalks, grass), GPS arrow, screen UI phases, filler building material, static mesh optimizations: Jeff "Axphin" Hanlon

Project co-lead (audio), main songs (3) with variations, music manager, audio integration, music bug repairs, audio zones, vocal adjustment, intro beat boxing sketch: Michael "Misha" Fewkes

GPS feature, minimap, pathfinding, AI optimizations, pathing node placement: Brian Nielsen

Gamepad input, text message order changes for accepted orders, exposed scooter tuning, keyboard input refactor to new system, local co-op support, input improvements, player selection menu: Barış Köklü

Parked car placement, litter system, LODs (signs, trees, vehicles), baked occlusion optimization placement, filler buildings, hotel restaurant, major performance improvements, sky/fog/lighting, road work props, texture material reuse: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Customer ratings screen app for phone, phone scroll view, review messages based on ratings: Tyler Funk

Generic apartment models, early scene lighting, initial post-processing effects: Gabriel Cornish

2D driving prototype track: Vince McKeown

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