Developed May 29 - Sept 18, 2022

Project lead, core gameplay, boss behavior, level design, attack functionality, angel and enemy AI, custom editor (internal use only), dash feature, enemy projectiles, boss, magic doors, minimap, bug fixes, enemy who re-freezes angel, arrow art, enemy respawn behavior, help page, sound integration: Vaan Hope Khani

Angel sprites (stone and living), Item sprites (diamond, color gems, potion), assorted dungeon art (wall tile, door, additional floor tiles), animated shadow sprite: Luis Montaña

Main music: Rob Tunstall

WASD control, temporary invulnerability after damage, game scaling, dashing effect (prototype), Linux support fix: Randy Tan Shaoxian

Logo, fading motion blur effect, particle effects, wall collision fix, attack animation: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Floor variations, character facing based on direction, half heart UI support, wall sliding, wall corner and vertical variations: H Trayford

Player character with animation, hurt sound, boss fight song: ClayTaeto

Main menu, main menu bat animations: Stebs

Mute toggle, extra door art, lava implementation: Simon Donohoe

Small potion with art, pause toggle: Ian Cherabier

Lava floor tile, enemy hit sound: Gabriel Cornish

Canvas centered on screen, tile rotation fix: Winchy

Dashing bug fix: Chris DeLeon

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