Developed Jan 31 - May 23, 2021

Project lead, initial gameplay, quest authoring, collisions, unvisited areas hidden, door puzzle functionality, instructions, main character code, reference gathering, object interaction, sounds (mana, health, doors, pot breaking, coin pickup, arrow collection), potions (mana, healing), art (ax dwarf with animations, coins, pot), pathfinding, drops (health, arrows, coins), slime enemy, debug cheats, audio code, trap damage, pickups (heart, bow), player health display, object runes, object carrying, Godwin, level design (water rooms, wind rooms, town interior connections), tiles (wooden floors, benches, altar, church parts, dresser, cabinet, bed, painting, money box, bridge), store NPC art (alchemist, fletcher), music integration: Vince McKeown

Asset system, enemy AI, expanded custom level editor functionality, sprite sheet loader, art (player sprite), grid system double door, tall sprite support, animation features, camera code, display optimizations, chest opening, collision improvements, entity definition tables, UI code, equipment menu, mouse control, melee animation, goblin loot drops, loot table, breakability, arrow attack, 9-slice support, dialog box system, button art integration, button frame colors, quest screen, text wrap, npc interaction, magic attacks, pit variants, particle systems, shops (alchemist, fletcher), healer interface, assorted bug fixes, wall traps, poison, reset button, chasm, elder NPCs, storyline setup, loading fade, additional level design and related art (incl. church, cellar, caves), gem respawn: Tylor Allison

Sprites (sword, fire wand, tunics, chest, heart pieces, goblins, windows, mana drop, button frame improvements, stairs, buildings, spear gate animation, burning village, majority of tiles), color palette, text draw code, basic map editor (core functionality, layers, painting), initial title screen, CSS style, font selection, level design (goblin cave, temple, entryway, dungeon design, fire puzzles), teleport, additional music (shop): Kyle Knutson

Dungeon music: Alan Zaring

New puzzle level, final dungeon, sounds (slime movement, player hurt, all goblin noise): Vaan Hope Khani

Sound integration, alternative floor tile asset: Grygoriy Kulesko

Breakable vase (sprite, destruction behavior, animation): Cam Newton

Dark wall tile and green growth variant: MrPhil (Philip Ludington)

Mana regeneration: Filipe Dottori

Compile credits, minor git state assist: Chris DeLeon

Practice commit: Robin Scott

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
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I too found it confusing to navigate and find out what to do. The town music was very nice but too short of a loop. It needs to expand and grow a little more. Nice game. It has some potential!


Hey, thanks for the feedback on the music. I'm still a total newbie, so I appreciate the comment and I agree with you.


The game is quite fun to play and explore the surroundings. Just love the way it is made. At the start, it was a bit confusing to know what to do and it took a time to get from 1 environment to the other where enemies are there. Also, the enemies are just following the player indefinitely and don't have a vision of sight which makes the game a little illogical. You can add some particle effect on breaking something or killing with a slight camera shake to make it more impactful.

Sorry about your confusion. We didn't give the player directions to the town elder. She's in the north-western-most house with a blue roof. Also, it sounds like you were fighting blue slimes. Yeah, unfortunately they don't attack. The only enemies that attack at this time are the Orcs and the Axe-wielding-Dwarf.

Alright, polishing it ahead could make this game a lot better and more fun to play.  Would be looking forward to it.