Developed May 30 - July 25, 2021

Project lead, original board game design, core gameplay, computer player AI and related optimizations, piece art, table art, win and lose conditions, sounds: Vaan Hope Khani

Tutorial integration, menu toggle, instruction improvements, tooltip correction: Farah Rizal

Input refactor, UI fixes, reset button, button graphic, turn change: Vince McKeown

Debug display, goal tile contrast change, AI help, turn menu options: Chris DeLeon

Dashboard layout update: Patrick McKeown

Team letter indicator: Filipe Dottori

Rated 2.0 out of 5 stars
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That game has some incredible depth to it! I play a lot of chess in my spare time and I was bringing in that background of knowledge to it, but this was difficult! I'm used to the king (key) being the most valuable piece and you can't let it get taken, but allowing itself to sacrifice itself for a piece literally puts you up a piece at the cost of 20 or so moves. The bishops command much more power in this game than in normal chess, and the knights do a great job of both covering squares and tripping over themselves. I started playing this around midnight and it is pushing 1am and I'm sure I've put in close to 10+ games.  Excellent project!! :D