Developed Mar 3 to May 26, 2019

Project lead, core functionality, object carrying and snapping, ship prototype, computer stats relationships, job system functionality and related authoring, ETA clock, progress bars, pipes, burning terminal support, fire extinguisher functionality: Brian J. Boucher

Nebulae skybox, models and textures (monitors, motherboard, ship parts, power terminal), alternate terminal bay design, metal material, base ship interior, assorted model/normals/smoothing fixes, door animation authoring, blueprint posters (3): Andy King

Models (crew locker, fire extinguisher, cooling unit terminal, circuit board, engine terminal, glass stasis chamber): Jeff "Axphin" Hanlon

Sounds (ambient background loop, buttons, light flicker, implemented assorted terminal beeps, alarm, terminal startup, boombot voice), dynamic sound variation, Boombot concept and implementation: Stebs

Background sounds (energy pulsing, quick tones, warning signal, interaction sound), audio integration for pickup and interaction, collision improvements, assorted bugfixes: Terrence McDonnell

Crosshair graphic, wall button functionality, generated speech feature (with subtitles support), language terminal prototype: Kornel

Scrolling hologram panel textures (several), computer lab props, environment lighting, steam leak particles, corridor wall panels, environment collider fixes, fire and extinguisher audio: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Door animations triggers implementation: Tyler Funk

Keyboard sounds: Jeremy Kenyon

Stasis capsule model: Cameron Button

Power cells and related effects: Erik Verlage

Added Grime to walls and ceiling: Anthony Juarez

2 story messages for NAVCOM terminal: Vaan Hope Khani

Door seam fixes: Vince McKeown

Fire particle effect, interaction alignment debugging: Chris DeLeon

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Whoa! That is quite an ending! Good work to everyone on the team. Look forward to working on something in the future.