A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Developed Mar 12 - Jun 11, 2017

Project Co-Lead, player motion, main programmer: Chris DeLeon

Project Co-Lead, Concept, Ship models, Moon Track Co-Designer, Ax Hazard, Game Music: Micky Turner

AI for Avoidance, Recovery, and Hazard: Anthony Juarez

Moon Track Co-Designer, Smoke particles, Title Menu, Bridge and Ramp Models, Volumetric Lighting, Bowl Level, Faceted Building Models: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Sound (WWise Integration):Adam Croft

Smooth Architecture: Nick Baker

Screw and Hammer Hazards:Mark Brown

Lava Stage: Sergio Solorzano

Title Logo: Jerry McClellan Jr.

Menu Music: Nikki Sapp

Health Powerup Icon: Cameron Button

Shield Powerup Icon: baamosk

Menu Sound Effects: Ignacio Aguirre

Created in Gamkedo.Club


wrecking-cloud-derby-win-v1.zip 90 MB
wrecking-cloud-derby-mac-v1.zip 96 MB