Created Dec 18, 2016 - Feb 19, 2017

Lead, Tilt Effect, 3 Levels, Cutscene Anims: Chris DeLeon

Zombies, Twister, Sound Hooks, London: Sergio Solorzano

Temperature Spoil Code, Cooling Building: Eric Andrade

2 Monuments (NYC, Pisa), Menu Code: Matthew Ko

2 Monuments (Eiffel Tower, Temple of Heaven): c:games

Particle Effects for Wind, Fire, and Twister: Andreas Lathe

Sound Effects: Micky Turner

Gameplay Music: Thomas Kresge

Tutorial Level, Golden Gate Bridge Art: Ashleigh Morris

Warning Airplane Model & Flyover Code: Caspar Dunant

Mute Feature: William DiFruscio

Building Art (Main/Background in NYC, Pisa): Tyler Hays

VO, Level Select, Sound Code, 4 Levels: Christer Kaitila

Canvas Scale (As Coded for APC5): Nicholas Polchies

Created in Gamkedo.Club

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