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Developed Jan 7 - Apr 8, 2018 by members of Gamkedo Club

Project lead, Robo Warrior model, pilot sprite, win state, goal UI, mech collision code, weapon slot icons, health code, mech stealing feature, scene transitions, pause menu, addl. code for drones and mines, story text, level select, mission details, progress saving, assorted bug fixing, addl. level design, Spanish translation: Jeremy Jackson

Mech animation state integrations and related programming (Robo Warrior, Cassowary, Ostrich, and Kiwi), minimap, gameplay cursor, mech turning code, enemy vision code, slope navigation, jetpack player movement, various refactoring and project organizational cleanup for readability, detecting/stopping friendly fire: Randy Tan Shaoxian

Weapons code (both overall system as well as authoring lasers, turret, homing missiles, canisters), in-game user interface icons and implementation, weapons graphics and related visual effects, shell ejections, dust particles, mine explosion, assorted physics error debugging, support for starting weapons, player uniform, sprite shattering code: Kornel

Animations and related activities (ex. weight painting, rigging fixes) for Robo Warrior, Cassowary, Ostrich, and Kiwi: Charlene A.

Modelled and textured Winged Spawn (incl. its sword and wings), created the fire particle effects for this mech, as well as rigged, skinned and animated Winged Spawn, also rigged and skinned Cassowary and RoboWarrior: Sergio Solorzano

Models for 3 Mechs (Kiwi, Cassowary III, Ostrich IV): Nick Fewkes

Music for credits and city level: Lou Herard

Enemy Base level, drones implementation, elevator and door code, early refactoring and bug fixing: Rémy Lapointe

Enemy AI, space station level, selection of space backgrounds (public domain, courtesy of NASA), city foreground decoration greeble and lighting art, boundary checks, enemy removal effects, story text, voice over, experiments (unreleased) with gamepad local multiplayer: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Menu scene, platform models, mech colliders, addl. tuning, city background mech model (Robo Knight), mine model (updated): Daniel Viruet

Mines code (and original model, not shown), camera zoom code improvements: Miles Robson

Action sound effects, controls guide, several background songs: Vignesh Ramesh

Intro text sequence (writing, code, and display of wireframe): Christopher McLaughlin

Kiwi integration, addl. texturing for Cassowary: Andy King

Robo Warrior rigging, menu buttons, sound and music sliders : Nicholas Polchies

Ostrich integration fixes, shield tweaks: Caspar "SpadXIII" Dunant

Initial physics-based movement, shield ability implementation: Gerard Belenguer Prous

Ambient loop, shot sound: Drew Disher

Addl. mech design (Golden Goose): Dan Lazar

Initial jetpack and mech enter/exit prototype, background city model (level 1), tutorial area, minor last minute bug fixing or late integrations: Chris DeLeon

Spanish translation editing/proofreading: Simon J. Hoffiz and Fernando L. Canizo

Testing (non-member): Tyler Crouch

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Windows Download (in case of webGL incompatibilities) 51 MB

Install instructions

Control with WASD and mouse. E to enter/exit mechs. Hold Up or W to use jetpack. Check interface at bottom during play for additional keys - some weapons use Q or right mouse to fire.