A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Developed Feb 18 - May 19, 2017

Project Lead, Concept, Networking, Gameplay Programming, Combo Plays, Scoring, Player UI, Lighting, Level Dressing, 3rd Person, Dart Gun Code: Dan Lazar

Water Cooler Station Art, Cubicles Art, Addl. Combo Plays Design: JL Evans

Event System, Level Design, Telepresence Robots and Terminal, Photocopiers, Ceiling Lights: Tim Waskett

Tripwire Weapon Code: Andreas Lathe

Combo System, Water Cooler Station Code:Nicholas Polchies

Tripwire Weapon Art: Sasha Reneau

Posters, Addl. Combo Plays Design: Jeremy Kenyon

Art for Player, Dart Gun, Soda, Vending, Filing Cabinet, Cubicle Decor, Trees, Carpet, Ceiling: Angelo Gazzia

Tooltips, Camera Tuning, Water Cooler Effects, Dart Nuke, Ammo Stations, Misc. Polish: Chris DeLeon

Created in Gamkedo.Club


overtime-pc-v09.zip 107 MB
overtime-mac-v09.zip 77 MB