A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Developed Nov 6, 2016 - Jan 29, 2017

Project lead, player motion programming, puzzle and level design, writing: Chris Markle

Dialog and choice system programming:Reid Alford

Models (trash can, lamp, rug, frosted windows): Caspar Dunant

Models (toys, doors, salt & pepper shakers, food tray cart, table, stool, chairs), main menu UI programming, QA, audio integration: Oasis Rim

Models (signs), QA: Jeremy Kenyon

Sound effects and music: Micky Turner

Sound effects, funky guitar licks, QA: Christer Kaitila

Models (Security camera, keypad, kitchen cabinets and sink, tissue box), inventory system and item use programming, scene lighting: Chris DeLeon

Created in Gamkedo.Club


globuton-win-v1.zip 21 MB
globuton-mac-v1.zip 24 MB
globuton-linux-v1.zip 24 MB