Developed Feb 11 to Apr 22, 2018 by members of Gamkedo Club

Project Lead, prototype, bosses, logo, world loading, art (ghast - toast - plant), player portrait, room change code, large map optimization, Kirt integration, grampa ghost: Marc Silva

Advanced camera code, fixes (player animation, collisions), buttons, enemy/object differentiation, door locks, boss code tweaks: H Trayford

Wall jump code, boss portraits (3), Baron portrait, Grampaghost portrait, Avocado Ghost portrait, tile art (concrete - brick - rad - AC), dialog writing, music (Grampaghost & Baron's theme), beam sprites, addl. signs (3): Kise

NPC dialog code, rain effects, logo kanji, font integration, initial chase camera, neon signs: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Inventory menu and item data integration, avocado drops, karaage sprite, background fix: Dan Dela Rosa

Health bar, sounds (ghost laugh - sword), save file: Terrence McDonnell

Sound system concept and audio code, music transition crossfade: Michael "Misha" Fewkes

Gamkedo splash screen, menu screen, level 2, level selector, gating, hitbox fixes: Keenan Cole

Music (witch - boss), Sound (hit - jump), ghost voices, addl. sound integration, refactoring: Klaim (A. Joël Lamotte)

Tenghost sprite sheet, alley background, street background variations: Rémy Lapointe

Initial jump controls: Gerard Moledo

Music (ghosts - new age - dialog), three signs: Vignesh Ramesh

Bus stop sign and potted shrub for city background, music (grandpa 2): Ryan Lewis

Sushi and misc. item sprites: Ezovex Dickson Goh

Skyscrapers backgrounds: Eric Lamarca

Kirt art: Nick Fewkes

Visagrab sprite: Asix Jin

Minor code cleanup: Fernando L. Canizo

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