Developed Nov 5, 2017 - Feb 25, 2018

Lead/pitch, core gameplay code, parallax support, split fire modes, upgrades between stages: Chris DeLeon

Wave beam, laser attack, missiles, level code, two player mode, organized refactoring, ice sliding, progress bar, carnage mode, laser ship code and art, logo and title menu animation, sound code, end sequence code and ending story writing, crystalline coast & computer background art, size optimization: Terrence McDonnell

Winged alien art, shooting trooper, planes falling, debug mode, music code, help screen, score bug fix, spaceship art (non-gunner), splash screen, tank body art, 3 songs (lv 1, lv 2, and splash): Vignesh Ramesh

Bomb flash, game over tint, pause code, game over songs, scene skipping, health hearts: Kise

Optimizations, readability and reuse recfactoring, title menu background art, audio sliders, menu mouse support, recovery frames: Nicholas Polchies

Item support, shield item, health item, firemode item, space debris code, spawn bug fixes: Jeremy Jackson

Sparkle and black hole art, taco art and code, images for shield/firepower/black-heart, testing: Mary Brady

Bug fixing (many!), inertia, round summary with stats, tuning refactoring, debug features: Ash Simmonds

Collision code, vector math code, bomb attack code: Lou Herard

Game over animation sequence code, cannon-style-per-stage code: DynoKhan

Laser ship bug fixes, browser shortcut key support: Gerard Moledo

Particle code, time of day sky code, crosshairs, art outlines: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Custom turret art, additional bug fixes: H Trayford

Gunner plane code: Caspar "SpadXIII" Dunant

Gunner ship art: Kyle Thomas

Planets background: Jose Contreras

Layout redesign for round stats screen: Renaud Marshall

Particle effects art, image flip code: Cameron Button

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