A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Developed Oct 30 2016 - Jan 15, 2017

Reboot (Afterburner) team lead, ground obstacles and vehicle AI:Nicholas Polchies

Original (Critical Alpha) team lead, gameplay, menus, 1992 3D models, 1910 trees/blimp, and mars base: Tim Waskett

AI collision avoidance: Reid Alford

WW1 plane models (SpadXIII and Fokker Dr.I): Caspar Dunant

HUD design and programming, camera shake: Patrick Nugent

Spaceship models, X-29 cockpit, tank models, missiles: Chris DeLeon

Crystal aliens and alien projectile effects: Jeremy Kenyon

Sound design and music: James C. Hoffman

Space ambience: Micky Turner

Special Thanks for procgen terrain tutorial: Sebastian Lague (not a club member)

Created in Gamkedo.Club


afterburner-win-v1.zip 64 MB
afterburner-mac-v1.zip 68 MB
afterburner-linux-v1.zip 66 MB