Developed Oct 1 - Nov 19, 2017

Project Lead, Original Prototype, Tile Editor and Exporter, Bedspread Puzzle, Quantum Tunnel Puzzle, Magnet Block Logic & Art: Christopher McLaughlin

Background Animations, Random Puzzle Generator, Particle Effects, "Rooftops" Song, Game Logo: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila (download/like/share the song via his SoundCloud)

Ghost Block Logic & Art: Zak Ali 

Main Menu, Level Selector, Transition Effects, Icy Maneuvers Puzzle, Just Pick One Puzzle, Strong Strong Magnets Puzzle: Rémy Lapointe

Goal Tile Logic, Wireframes, Menu Work, Quantum Hard / Ghostbusters Puzzles: Eugene Meidinger

Gameplay Programming, Various Block Logic & Art, Magnet Puzzles: Marc Silva

3 Introductory Puzzles: Chris Deleon

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorHomeTeam GameDev
Tags2D, Abstract, blocks, Isometric