Developed May 28 - Aug 6, 2017

Game concept, design, programming and team lead: Zak Ali

Cavern artwork, animation:Cameron Button

Title, intro, alien art, programming: JL Evans

Game Story and code, alien art, Sound FX: Dana Alcala

Game animation FX, Programming: Ezovex Dickson Goh

Alien art, ship art, cavern sound FX: Andy King

Level Editor (original): Artur Slomowski

Alien AI, sound, particles, juicing code: Christer Kaitila

Original core code, team mentor and coach: Chris DeLeon

Fuel badge: Mary Brady

Jetpack programming: Remy Lapointe

Game soundtrack: Noah Lema

Created in Gamkedo.Club

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
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